Bewersdorff, J.: Luck, Logic & White Lies – The Mathematics of Games (3rd Ed.). XII, pp. 486. A K Peters, Wellesley Mass., 2004 EUR 44,50; US$ 49.00.

This is not a monograph on game theory, but a book on games and the mathematics of games. Its subject form not some types of abstract mathematical games, but the whole range of (mainly) games as people like to play them (and their history), how they can be investigated mathematically, and what mathematics can tell about them. For this purpose games are roughly classified as games by chance, combinatorial games, and games with incomplete information. The author (successfully) addresses a broad audience of readers interested in games. Most chapters can be read independently of the others, their mathematical sophistication varies. (This third edition is an updated translation of the of the German second edition of 2001.)

P. Schmitt, Wien.

Monatshefte für Mathematik, 151 (2007), S. 350